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Dark Quartet  Site-specific performance: 15-minute choral performance, The Brunswick Centre, London 
Performed by Nouria Bah, Svala Leaman, Robin Paley-Yorke & Eleanor Westbrook.

A performance linked to Deserts on the moons of other planets that deployed the Modernist architecture of the Brunswick Centre as a science-fiction inspired mise-en-scène, based on the deserts of the Saturnian moon Titan. Inspired by Antonioni’s ‘the chant of the rocks’ in The Red Desert and the phenomenon of ‘singing sands’ found in various deserts on Earth, Dark Quartet give voice to the singing hydrocarbon sands of Titan’s dune lands. The viewer is invited into an otherworldly landscape that highlights the otherworldly qualities of the site and its architecture.

The title is taken from an image of the same name taken by the Cassini-Hygens space craft.

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