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Deserts on the moons of other planets  Site-specific installation: printed fabric, mirror, aluminium. Dimensions variable.  Exhibition narrative (pdf)
Installation view: Passengers, London.

Drawing on the filmic and science-fiction qualities of The Brunswick Centre, Deserts on the moons of other planetscreated a mise-en-scène using mirrors and fabric printed with the deserts of the Saturnian moon Titan (Earth’s analogue within our solar system). Splicing fact and fiction, a narrative unfolds that draws on the existential philosophies that inspired both the building’s architect Patrick Hodgkinson and Michelangelo Antonioni, who shot a scene for his film The Passenger at The Brunswick in the 1970s. Drawing on the use of mirroring and doubling within this film – as well as the contrast between urban and natural landscapes, the resulting installation revolves around multiple dualities such as earth/moon, interior/exterior, desert/concrete.

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