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The Pillars of Creation (M16 Eagle Nebula)  Mirror, aluminium, physically manipulated prints, H1.2m x 2m x 2m
Installation view: La fine delle Universe, The Crypt Gallery, London. Curated by Lumen Studio.

‘As distant light reached its immaculate surface, towering clouds were reflected, like stalagmites from a cavern’s floor. Pillars of ultraviolet light from hot massive newborn stars illuminated the violent and hostile atmosphere that prevailed here.

Attempts were made at understanding this crumpled and multi-dimensional time-history but their vision was limited by the maximum diameter of the monolithic and deployable segments that could be launched.’ –Extract from accompanying narrative

Mirrors are the primary light gathering component within most major reflecting telescopes. Here the mirror is turned back on the image created, uncovering illusions and reforming knowledge.

© Julie F Hill                   Curatorial