Uncertain Ruins  Site-specific mixed media installation: RAW Materials, scaffolding, sculpted archival pigment prints, black gloss mirror acrylic. The library which others call the universe, books. Through Machine & Darknes, 35’ video, looped. Containers I–IV, archival pigment prints (framed). 
Installation views: Swiss Cottage Gallery, Camden, London.

Aspects of this installation were produced in collaboration with Gauld Architecture.

Sculptures, video and photographic made using a mix of artificial intelligence algorithms trained on astronomical datasets and related holdings from Swiss Cottage Library (in which the exhibition was located). Together the works considered the library’s potential as a container for all knowledge. The scaffolding structures conceived with Gauld Architecture referenced software architecture diagrams used in the construction of the imagery and that increasingly produce, organise and distribute knowledge.

© Julie F Hill, 2021