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Abyssal Voices  vocal work devised by Julie F Hill & Eleanor Westbrook. Vocals by Eleanor Westbrook. 15' 59". 2023.
Performance to accompany Julie F Hill's installation Cave exhibited in A Stone Sky, Thames-Side Studios Gallery, London, 11–26 Nov 2023.

Abyssal Voices provides a speculative listening to the abyssal voices of deep space and cosmological time. The choral composition allows for an articulation towards the non-human, inorganic realm without falling into the trappings of human language. Inspired by the phenomenon of ‘ringing rocks’ and 'singing sands' found on Earth as well as sounds of deep space such as comets and other deep space phenomenon found in the NASA sound library, this work will follow in the same spirit as Dark Quartet (Passengers, 2018) and In the Debris of Planets (Land Art Agency, 2021) which are inspired by Elizabeth Povinelli's remarks in Geoontologies about 'coming into Logos – the movement of the experience of noise (phonos) into the experience of sense (logos)': how might we come to distinguish signal from noise, to hear the 'voice' of the non-living. Vocal resonances, intimately connecting the time, space and rhythm of the body with the environment. 

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